Virtual Consultation

Booking a virtual consultation

About your virtual appointment

Whether you make a virtual or face-to-face appointment with us, you can be sure that you, or your loved one, will receive expert care from the start. A telephone or video appointment gives you the convenience and same fast access to our experts without having to travel to a Spire hospital.

If you wish to book an appointment for someone under 18 please call the hospital to make the appointment.

Step 1

Find and book a consultant online or by phone

Step 2

We’ll confirm your appointment and send an invite for your video or telephone consultations

Step 3

Join the video consultation or use the dial-in details to start your appointment.

Once you’ve booked your appointment we’ll send you a confirmation and details of how to join the video meeting and dial-in details for telephone appointments. If for any reason we feel that a virtual consultation would not be appropriate for your symptoms or concerns we will contact you to discuss this further and what other options are available.

Your consultant will write to you with the outcome of the consultation and details of any tests or follow up you might need.

If you need further tests, such as blood tests or imaging, we’ll arrange these for you. You’ll need to visit a Spire hospital for these appointments taking into consideration the latest advice from the UK government on coronavirus. Learn more

If you’re prescribed medication, your consultant will send this to you to take to a retail pharmacy. Certain medications may be issued by a Spire pharmacy and they’ll let you know when your medication is ready to pick up.

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