Student Transportation

we prioritize the safety and convenience of our students and families. To facilitate this, we offer a comprehensive bus service that spans key areas such as Banani, Gulshan, Baridhara, and both Old and New DOHS (Baridhara).

Our transportation service operates on a term-based fee structure, encompassing both pick-up and drop-off services. This means that families can rely on a hassle-free commute for their children, from home to school and back again.

At CISB, we understand the importance of a secure and reliable transportation system in enhancing the overall well-being of our school community. By providing this service, we aim to alleviate the logistical concerns of parents while ensuring that students arrive at school safely and on time.

With our dedicated team of drivers and staff, rest assured that your child’s journey to and from CISB is not only convenient but also conducted with the utmost care and professionalism. We believe that a reliable transportation service is integral to fostering a positive learning environment, and we are committed to upholding these standards for the benefit of our students and families.