About The School


In 1919, a group of visionaries sought a new and evolved model of education, one providing the intellectual and creative freedom to tackle the most pressing issues of the day.

Welcome to CISB

Welcome to the Canadian International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the first Canadian International School in the country, established in 2005. We offer a comprehensive, co-educational, English-medium education using a Canadian curriculum. Our elementary program follows the Ontario curriculum, while our high school program, accredited by the Nova Scotia Education Ministry, employs certified Canadian teachers. We also proudly offer the International Baccalaureate program as an IB World School.

We provide resource-filled classrooms, an extensive library, a playground, an indoor swimming pool, a fully equipped gym, a multipurpose hall, and a fully equipped science lab. Explore our website to learn more about our dedication to providing a high-quality education that prepares students to become valued members of society.

Mission & Vision

At Canadian International School Bangladesh (CISB), our mission is to foster academic excellence while nurturing individuals who embody understanding, tolerance, and respect. We aspire to cultivate a safe and compassionate environment, where success is guided by spiritual understanding

Our vision at Canadian International School Bangladesh (CISB) is to empower students to become global citizens equipped with academic prowess, empathy, and a deep sense of respect for others. We envision a harmonious community where excellence is coupled with compassion, and where spiritual understanding guides the path to success


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Dual Accreditation


Years of history


Canadian International School, Bangladesh (CISB) is the only K – 12 school in Bangladesh combining a K – Grade 8 Curriculum from the Ontario Ministry of Education, with a Grades 9 – 12 Manitoba Curriculum from the Manitoba Ministry of Education. Established in 2005, CISB is a comprehensive, co-educational English medium school. There are over 20 different nationalities reflecting our multicultural diversity.

CISB is officially registered under the Ministry of Education, Bangladesh and is licensed to offer a Canadian Curriculum up to Grade 12. Originally, CISB offered an Early Years Program (EYP) and an Elementary School Program (ESP) Grades 1 to 8. In August of 2012, we added the Manitoba Grade 9 High School Program. In August of 2013, we added the Manitoba Grade 10. We have added Grade 11 for 2014-15 and Grade 12 for 2015-16. We will celebrate our first Grade 12 Canadian graduation class in June of 2016.

Governing Board

CISB is governed by a 5 member School Board, 2 from Management, 1 from the Academic group and 2 from the Parents association one of whom must be a Canadian citizen.


Our Canadian curriculum is holistic, hands-on and inquiry-based in nature. Students are expected to be active participants in their own learning and are given opportunities and assistance to do so. The teaching philosophy and educational materials used in the school compare favorably to those employed in North America. The curriculum is structured to enable students to integrate into any English speaking school system in the future. CISB students get a full credit transfer to any school in the same grade level in Canada or in the USA. Students graduating from CISB will be eligible to apply for enrolment to any English speaking university or college worldwide.

Placement Policy

Children are placed primarily by birth year. However, due consideration is also given to previous school records, results of a developmental screening for EC to KG students and a written assessment and personal interview for the older students (Grades 1 to 12). We also take into consideration the student’s emotional, physical maturity and achievement levels. Our Preschool accepts children from age 2, the Elementary from age 6 and the High School (Grades 9 – 12) from 14 to 17 years.


Our campus is located in Gulshan 2. The classrooms are air-conditioned, decorated with modern furnishings; we have internet access with a Wi-fi connection for high school students to connect their own devices. The school has a modern 10,000 volume library and a fully operational science lab. We also have a large multi-purpose hall and our own playground.