High School

At the Canadian International School in Dhaka (CISB), our curriculum for Grades 10 to 12 integrates the Nova Scotia, Canada curriculum with the esteemed International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). This blended approach provides students with a comprehensive and challenging education that prepares them for success in higher education and beyond.

These requirements apply to any student earning the Nova Scotia High School Graduation Diploma.
Students require a minimum of 18 credits to graduate. No more than seven of the 18 credits may be for grade 10
courses, and at least five must be for grade 12 courses.
The following are compulsory credits for graduation:
Language, Communication, and Expression
❖ 3 language arts, one at each grade level
❖ 1 arts: dance, drama, music, or visual arts

Science, Mathematics, and Technology
❖ 3 mathematics (one credit at each grade level)
❖ 2 science: one from Science 10, biology, chemistry, or physics, and one other approved science course
❖ 1 other from science or technology: eligible courses can be found in the Public School Programs (PSP) within the
categories of Sciences; Skilled Trades; Technology Education; and Technology Integration and ICT Courses.

Personal Development and Society
❖ 1 physical education: eligible credits include Physical Education 10, Physical Education 11, Dance 11, Fitness
Leadership 11, Physically Active Living 11, Yoga 11, Physical Education 12, and Physical Education Leadership 12
❖ 1 Canadian history: African Canadian Studies 11; Canadian History 11; Gaelic Studies 11; Études acadiennes 11 and
Mi’kmaw Studies 11
❖ 1 globalstudies: Global Geography 12, Advanced Global Geography 12, Global History 12, Advanced Global
History 12, Global Politics 12, and Advanced Global Politics 12
Within the 18 course requirements for a graduation diploma, in most cases, no student may receive credit for two
courses in the same specific subject area at the same grade level. There are a few exceptions: these include Co-op
courses and Language Arts with a Canadian Literature course.