Excellence in Education at the Canadian International School Bangladesh

At Canadian International School Bangladesh, we provide a world-class education that fosters intellectual curiosity and critical thinking. Our rigorous academic programs are designed to prepare students for success in higher education and beyond, ensuring they are well-equipped to thrive in a global landscape. Join us to experience academic excellence and personal growth.

Our Early Childhood Education program lays a strong foundation for lifelong learning for children aged 2 to 5 years, encompassing Early Childhood, Junior Kindergarten, and Kindergarten. This program is meticulously crafted to foster growth and development through engaging and enjoyable activities.

Our curriculum is designed around activity-based topics that stimulate intellectual curiosity and promote holistic development. We utilize a variety of manipulative materials, learning centers, blocks, and sensory activities such as sand and water play. These experiences are not only engaging but also encourage children to explore and learn actively. While some children may begin as observers, they quickly become enthusiastic participants in our dynamic learning environment.

Fundamental literacy and numeracy concepts are introduced through structured activities that include songs, rhymes, story time, painting, crafts, and outdoor play. In Kindergarten, our curriculum further develops literacy and printing skills with a focus on the alphabet, numbers, and the construction of simple words and sentences. Comprehensive unit themes, such as community and global awareness, provide a rich educational framework, ensuring that our young learners receive a well-rounded education.

Our Early Childhood Education program at Canadian International School Bangladesh is dedicated to nurturing each child’s potential, fostering both academic excellence and personal growth from an early age. Join us to give your child the best possible start on their educational journey.

Elementary program is rooted in the esteemed Ontario Canada Curriculum for Grades 1 to 6. Our goal is to cultivate a love for learning and to lay a strong foundation in essential academic skills, ensuring our students are prepared for future academic success and personal growth.

Primary Years: Grades 1 – 3

In the primary years, we focus on the conceptual development of key skills in English language arts and mathematics. Our curriculum emphasizes building a solid foundation in:

  • English: Students engage in reading, writing (composition), grammar, spelling, oral communication, and media literacy, fostering their ability to communicate effectively and think critically.
  • Mathematics: Fundamental concepts are introduced and reinforced, promoting numerical literacy and problem-solving skills.

Junior Years: Grades 4 – 6

As students advance to the junior years, we extend and consolidate these foundational skills, enhancing both literacy and numeracy. Our comprehensive program includes:

  • English: Continued development in reading, writing, grammar, spelling, oral communication, and media literacy.
  • Mathematics: Advanced concepts and applications are explored, ensuring students develop a robust understanding of mathematical principles.
  • Science and Technology: Hands-on experiments and theoretical knowledge combine to ignite curiosity and innovation.
  • Health and Physical Education: Promoting physical well-being and healthy lifestyles through various sports and activities.
  • The Arts: A rich curriculum in music, visual art, dance, and drama encourages creativity and self-expression.
  • Social Studies: Understanding of communities, cultures, and histories enhances global awareness and social responsibility.
  • Foreign Language: French and/or Bangla instruction in reading, writing, and oral communication broadens linguistic skills and cultural understanding.

Enriched Learning Environment

To support our rigorous academic programs, we provide an enriched Library Resource Centre, offering a wealth of resources to foster independent learning and research skills. Additionally, our Multi-Purpose Room is dedicated to activities such as music, dance, art, and crafts, allowing students to explore their interests and talents in a dynamic setting.

Middle School program for Grades 6 to 9 is meticulously designed to provide an exceptional education that prepares students for the future. Our curriculum harmonizes the rigorous standards of Nova Scotia, Canada, with the internationally acclaimed IGCSE Cambridge curriculum. This unique blend ensures that our students receive a holistic education, fostering intellectual growth and cultural awareness.

Academic Excellence

Our middle school curriculum emphasizes enhanced academic proficiency across core subjects such as Mathematics, Science, and English. By integrating project-based learning and independent studies, we cultivate analytical and research skills, encouraging students to delve deeply into their subjects and think critically.

Skill Development

We prioritize the development of strong communication and collaboration abilities, which are essential for success in higher education and beyond. Through various group projects and interactive activities, students learn to work effectively with others, honing their interpersonal skills and preparing them for future careers.

Global Awareness

A key aspect of our program is fostering increased cultural and global awareness. By exposing students to diverse perspectives and global issues, we nurture responsible and informed global citizens who are equipped to thrive in a dynamic world.

Our Middle School program at CISB is dedicated to providing students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to excel in an ever-changing global landscape. Join us and experience a world-class education that champions academic excellence and personal growth.

High School program for Grades 10 to 12 offers a unique blend of the Nova Scotia, Canada curriculum and the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). This integrated approach ensures that our students receive a comprehensive, challenging education that is recognized globally, setting a solid foundation for their future success in higher education and beyond.

Credits for Graduation Diploma

To earn the Nova Scotia High School Graduation Diploma, students must complete a minimum of 18 credits. These credits are carefully distributed to ensure a well-rounded education, with a specific focus on language, arts, science, mathematics, technology, personal development, and societal studies. The credit requirements are as follows:

Language, Communication, and Expression

  • 3 Language Arts Credits: One at each grade level (10, 11, and 12)
  • 1 Arts Credit: Options include dance, drama, music, or visual arts

Science, Mathematics, and Technology

  • 3 Mathematics Credits: One at each grade level (10, 11, and 12)
  • 2 Science Credits: One from Science 10, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics, and one other approved science course
  • 1 Additional Credit in Science or Technology: Eligible courses are listed in the Public School Programs (PSP) within the categories of Sciences, Skilled Trades, Technology Education, and Technology Integration and ICT Courses

Personal Development and Society

  • 1 Physical Education Credit: Options include Physical Education 10, Physical Education 11, Dance 11, Fitness Leadership 11, Physically Active Living 11, Yoga 11, Physical Education 12, and Physical Education Leadership 12
  • 1 Canadian History Credit: Choices include African Canadian Studies 11, Canadian History 11, Gaelic Studies 11, Études acadiennes 11, and Mi’kmaw Studies 11
  • 1 Global Studies Credit: Options include Global Geography 12, Advanced Global Geography 12, Global History 12, Advanced Global History 12, Global Politics 12, and Advanced Global Politics 12

To ensure a diverse and thorough educational experience, students may not typically receive credit for two courses in the same subject area at the same grade level, with some exceptions such as Co-op courses and Language Arts combined with a Canadian Literature course.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At CISB, we are committed to providing an educational environment that fosters intellectual curiosity and critical thinking. Our rigorous academic programs are designed to prepare students not just for the rigors of higher education, but to equip them with the skills necessary to thrive in a global landscape. Our integration of the Nova Scotia curriculum with the IBDP ensures that our students receive a world-class education that encourages both academic excellence and personal growth.

We recognize the paramount importance of language in shaping a student’s academic and personal growth. Our language program is rooted in the belief that proficiency in English is essential for success in a globalized world. As the primary medium of instruction, English is meticulously integrated into every aspect of our curriculum, ensuring that students achieve fluency and confidence in their communication skills.

Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse linguistic backgrounds of our students. We embrace this diversity, viewing it as a strength that enriches our educational environment. Through immersive English-language instruction, students are not only taught to master the language but are also encouraged to think critically and express themselves effectively. This approach prepares them for higher education and career opportunities in English-speaking settings, both locally and internationally.

At CISB, we provide a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where students can thrive academically and socially. Our dedicated educators are committed to fostering an environment where each student feels valued and motivated to excel. By offering personalized attention and tailored learning experiences, we ensure that every student develops a strong foundation in English, empowering them to pursue their ambitions with confidence.

We believe that every student has the capacity to achieve academic excellence when provided with the right support and resources. Our comprehensive Learning Support program is meticulously designed to assist students with diverse learning needs, ensuring they reach their full academic potential.

Our program includes:

  • Individualized Education Plans (IEPs): We create customized learning plans tailored to the unique needs of each student. These plans are developed in collaboration with students, parents, and educators to set achievable goals and outline the necessary steps for success.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL): For students whose first language is not English, our ESL program provides targeted instruction to improve language proficiency, enabling them to fully participate in all academic activities.
  • Tailored Interventions and Accommodations: We implement specific interventions and accommodations to address individual learning challenges. This may include modified teaching techniques, specialized resources, or adaptive technologies to enhance learning outcomes.
  • Specialist Teachers and Differentiated Instruction: Our team of specialist teachers work hand-in-hand with classroom instructors to deliver differentiated instruction that meets the varied learning styles and abilities of our students. This collaborative approach ensures that every student receives the attention and support they need to thrive.

We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment where all students feel valued and supported. Our resources include:

  • One-on-One Tutoring: Personalized tutoring sessions are available to provide focused, individualized assistance in areas where students may need extra help.
  • Small Group Sessions: Small group instruction offers a more intimate learning setting, allowing for greater interaction and personalized feedback.
  • Comprehensive Support Services: We offer a variety of support services designed to help students navigate their educational journey, from academic counseling to mental health support.

At CISB, our commitment to learning support is unwavering. We strive to empower every student, helping them to overcome challenges and achieve success. Join us to experience an educational environment where academic excellence and personal growth go hand in hand.

We are proud to offer the esteemed Nova Scotia Program, accredited by the Ministry of Education, Nova Scotia, Canada, and the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). This program encapsulates the essence of Canadian education excellence while embracing global standards, ensuring our students receive a holistic and enriching educational experience.

From the foundational years to Grade 9, we diligently follow the Canadian curriculum, setting a robust groundwork for academic proficiency and personal growth. However, what sets us apart is our unique approach to Grades 10 through 12, where we offer a dual-track program encompassing the esteemed Canadian (Nova Scotia) curriculum alongside the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

The Nova Scotia curriculum is renowned for its quality education, innovative pedagogy, and emphasis on preparing students for a dynamic future. It prioritizes the cultivation of critical skills such as problem-solving, adaptability, collaboration, leadership, and effective communication — all essential attributes for success in the 21st century.

Central to our educational philosophy are the guiding principles of learning, which form the bedrock of our curriculum design and instructional practices. We believe that learning is an active process of knowledge construction, where students draw upon their prior experiences and collaborate with peers to make meaning of the world around them. Our learning environment fosters social interaction, recognizing the value of collaborative learning experiences in enhancing understanding and retention.

Moreover, we recognize the diverse ways in which students acquire and represent knowledge, catering to individual learning styles and preferences. Through reflection and continuous self-assessment, students develop metacognitive skills essential for lifelong learning and personal development.

Embedded within the Nova Scotia curriculum are clear learning outcomes that delineate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes students are expected to demonstrate. Beyond foundational literacy and numeracy, our students are provided with ample opportunities to cultivate critical thinking, creativity, and global citizenship — attributes that transcend borders and prepare them for the challenges of an interconnected world.

Upon completion of Grade 12, students at Canadian International School Bangladesh proudly graduate with a certified Canadian Diploma from the province of Nova Scotia. This credential not only validates their academic achievements but also empowers them to pursue higher education opportunities anywhere in the world, equipped with the skills and confidence needed to thrive in diverse academic and professional landscapes.

Our commitment to academic excellence shines through in our International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program. As a Canadian accredited institution by the Ministry of Education, Nova Scotia, Canada, and the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), we pride ourselves on offering a holistic education that prepares students for the challenges of higher education and beyond.

Our IB Diploma Program is a rigorous two-year curriculum designed for motivated secondary school students aged 16 to 19. By seamlessly integrating the Canadian (Nova Scotia) curriculum with the internationally recognized IB framework from Grade 10 to 12, we provide students with a well-rounded education that encompasses the best elements of both systems.

At the heart of our IB Diploma Program are its distinctive features, including Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS), and the Extended Essay. TOK challenges students to critically examine the nature of knowledge and develop a personal mode of thought, fostering an appreciation for diverse perspectives. Through CAS, students engage in meaningful activities that cultivate awareness, empathy, and cooperation within their communities. The Extended Essay allows students to undertake original research, providing a glimpse into the rigors of collegiate-level academic inquiry and earning favor with university admissions officers.

The structure of the IB Diploma Program encourages interdisciplinary learning and breadth of study. Over the two-year period, students explore six academic areas, spanning both the humanities and the sciences. With a balance of Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL) courses, students delve into subjects in depth while also gaining a broad understanding across disciplines. This approach, comprising 240 teaching hours for HL courses and 150 hours for SL courses, ensures that students are well-prepared for the demands of higher education and beyond.

At Canadian International School Bangladesh, we are committed to nurturing intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and personal growth. Through our IB Diploma Program, students embark on a transformative educational journey that equips them with the skills, knowledge, and mindset to succeed in a rapidly evolving global landscape. Join us and experience academic excellence at its finest.