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Teaching Positions: 
Senior Elementary/ High School:  Math/ Physics Teacher ( Position 2 )
B. Sc. in Math/Physics or Engineering 
1-3 years experience in related filed 
IT/Computer Teacher ( 1 position )
B. Sc. in Computer Science
1-3 years experience in related field 
Applicats must be knowladgeable about the mechanics of computer programming, using the Visual C++ language. Students will learn about the components of computers and the basic structure of a computer program. By studying computer decision-making and basic computer code, students should be able to develop introductory Visual C++ programs on their own. Coursework will include exploring the field of computing, introduction to programming, programming - selection controls, programming - looping structures, programming and functions.  
High school English Teacher Wanted ( 1 position) 
B.A/M.A in English 
1-3 years experience in related field. 
Course outcomes are Canadian. In Manitoba, English Language Atrs students read, write, listen, speak, view, and represent to 
  • explore thoughts, ideas, feelings, and attitudes ( General Learning Outcome 1) 
  • comprehend and respond personally, critically, and creatively to  a wide variety of oral, print, and other media texts ( General Learning Outcomes 2) 
  •  develop skills for managing ideas and information ( General Learning Outcomes 3) 
  • develop and enhance the clarity and artistry of cmmunication in writing, speaking, and representing ( General Learning Outcome 4) 
  • develop a greater application of self and others as members of a community (General Learning Outcome 5) 
  • The Canadian International School Bangladesh is looking for a dynamic, dedicated English teacher who can follow Canadian curriculum guidelines and prepare students for IELTS and provincial exams. 
 Accounting Teacher ( position 1)
B.A/M.A in Accounting
1-3 years experience in related field. 
The Canadian International School Bangladesh is looking for Accounting Teacher. 
The course encompasses the following components:The accounting cycle, including: interpreting source documents, journalism business transactions, posting to the ledger, preparing a trial balance, creating financial statements, and closing the books. These are steps needed to "complete the books" for a service business. Additionally the senior class includes: Accounting procedures under both the periodic and perpetual inventory systems. Students interested in a career in accounting, finance or students who may one day own their own business, are encouraged to take this course. In this course, students will learn how to process business transactions that deal with merchandise inventory (items you plan to resell) to understand the unique relationship between sales and cost of good sold. Students will also learn how to move beyond the General Journal and use a five Journal or Special Journal system. Advanced adjustments and financial analysis will also be covered. Ultimately, students will learn how to "complete the books" for a merchandising business.


Proficiency in English is a must. We are looking for energetic and passionate staff members who wish to be team members of an international school staff. 

Please send your CV to the school address. 
200 Gulshan Ave. North, Gushan 2, Dhaka 1212




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