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This includes the concepts and skills of THE ONTARIO CANADA CURRICULUM Grades 1 to 8. The Primary Years of Grades 1 - 3 emphasizes skills are conceptually development for the both English language arts and mathematics. The Juniors of Grades 4, 5 and 6 extend these skills much further consolidating both literacy skills and number skills.

The Intermediates of Grades 7 and 8 are involved in further consolidation and application of these skills. Their studies involve more complex topics.

The areas of study are:

1. English - reading, writing (composition), grammar, spelling, oral communications, and media literacy.
2. Mathematics
3. Science and Technology
4. Health and Physical Education
5. The Arts - Music, Visual Art, Dance, and Drama
6. Social Studies, History, and Geography
7. Foreign Language - French and/or Bangla (reading, writing, oral communication)
8. Community Service

To assist in creating effective and exploratory learning opportunities for the students the school provides a modern IT laboratory, an enriched Library Resource Centre as well as a Multi-Purpose room for activities such as music, dance, art and crafts.






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