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 CISB Code of Conduct for Students                                         Sept  2016


A Code of Conduct is designed to teach students how to make responsible behavior choices which work for everyone ! It sets limits within a context of caring where children are encouraged to choose positive behaviors and to understand that they choose their behaviors and that certain consequences may occur from their choices.

Our Code of Conduct is intended to assist children in being responsible for their own behavior. When students clearly understand the consequences of their behaviors, they can choose to behave in a more responsible way that ensures the rights of all children to enjoy their educational experience at CISB.

To be effective, a Code of Conduct must be clear and consistent: to achieve this consistency the teachers, parents, students and school administrators must share in the responsibility for upholding the school rules:

Teachers are responsible for instructing their students about the rules of acceptable behavior and for supporting and cooperating with the school in applying the consequences which may result from inappropriate student behavior.

Parents are responsible for reviewing the rules of appropriate behavior with their children and for supporting and cooperating with the school in applying the consequences which may result from inappropriate student behavior.

Students are responsible for their own actions once they are instructed by teachers and parents about appropriate behavior. If a student decides to ignore school rules they must accept the consequences which may result from their inappropriate behavior.

Administrators are responsible for the implementation of the Code of Conduct and for applying the consequences which may result from inappropriate student behavior.



   Being late to class

   Eating in class except during designated times

   Acting inappropriately in hallways, classrooms or on school grounds

   Playing in the restroom

   Chewing gum anywhere in school

    Littering or spitting

    Being in off-limit places


    Loss of recess/playtime

    Sent back to the starting point of walking


    Parent Contact

    Classroom discipline

    Verbal or written apology





Major Offences will involve Parent Contact and Principal Involvement


Level 2 Major Offences Include:                               Major Offences Consequences:


    Cutting class or school

    Showing lack of respect for or not cooperating with CISB faculty/staff

   Using abusive or inappropriate language

   Being dishonest: plagiarism, lying, cheating or stealing

    Fighting with or damaging/destroying the property of others: or, vandalism of school property

   Harassing,  intimidating  or threatening anyone at CISB-in person, with others or electronically

   Repeated Minor Offences

   Zero tolerance for illegal drug use including tobacco or           e-cigarettes, possession or distribution inside or outside of CISB

   Conference with Principal

   Verbal or written apology


   Parent Meeting with Principal

   Loss of privileges: ASP, Awards, Field Trips

   Behavior Plan*

   In-School Suspension

   Parent Meeting with CISB Administration

   Out of School Suspension

   Indefinite expulsion from CISB

   Immediate and permanent expulsion from CISB



Behavior is situational and discipline is intended to restore safety, change inappropriate behavior, and promote the learning of self-control. The circumstances of all situations are taken into account before discipline decisions are made.

Teachers and Principals are required to maintain a safe and caring learning environment. The principal may be privy to student information that is confidential in nature. The principal has discretionary disciplinary authority in consultation with the Administrators concerning student behavior with the added understanding of security for the entire school environment.

Expected appropriate behaviors must be actively taught both at home and in school. The strategies used to develop understanding and respect for the rights of others may vary from student to student and when there is non-compliance with CISB’s Student Code of Conduct a response shall follow to addressing any misbehavior, responses leading to a student’s Behavior Plan to change their behavior from inappropriate to appropriate may include any or all of the following:

1. An informal or formal interview with the student and/or the parent-and the teacher when indicated;

2. The involvement of a counselor or mentor;

3. The creation of goals for behavior change and dates for achievement. 






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