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The Arts

It is our strong belief here at CIS - that by providing opportunities for creative expression - we assist in developing the whole and expressive mind of each student.

These artistic endeavours also manifest a pleasant and fun change from the regular routine of the academic subjects.

VISUAL ARTS - Opportunities for visual arts are provided at all grade levels - in many types of media. We employ a specialist Visual  Arts teacher for grades 1 to 10.

- Dramatic Art provides our students with opportunities for creative self-expression in a variety of interesting ways - both formal and informal.

DANCE - We provide opportunities for our students to engage in various styles of dance from traditional - to folk - to modern. We enjoy the services of a dance teacher on staff.

- Musical enjoyment and expression are a wonderful part of our school’s curriculum. Class singing - choir work - and the learning of some music theory - all play a part in the overall curriculum. We enjoy the service of a music teacher on staff.

- During early June, it is the tradition at CIS - to host a special concert for our whole school community. This venue provides a rich opportunity for our students to shine - and to exhibit may of their skills experienced through THE ARTS at CIS.

MONTHLY GENERAL ASSEMBLY - Toward the end of each month - we take an opportunity to highlight the accomplishments of one class monthly. This becomes a perfect venue for class performances of songs - dance - choral readings - and the like. Special Certificates are awarded for specific accomplishments.






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